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Refinancing Santas Workshop

Refinancing Santas Workshop

Not all of my refinancing clients have been easy. When Santa Claus was ready to refinance his workshop, it required me to do some magic and utilize all of my skills and expertise.

Santa and Mrs. Claus decided they wanted to take out a home equity loan to make some improvements to their North Pole residence. They needed some funds that would allow them to add some bells and whistles to modernize the workshop. Mrs. Claus wanted to add a gas stove, a new high-efficiency furnace, and an in-home gym for Santa. Santa’s main requirement for the renovation was a built-in sound system to blast Christmas music throughout the building.

I was honoured that Mr. and Mrs. Claus chose me to secure their home equity loan. The process wasn’t easy, though.

I first had to determine if the elves were dependants or employees. It turns out only 20 elves could be considered Santa’s employees since he pays the rest under the table with candy! The reindeer had to be taken into consideration as well. I learned that Rudolf is on AISH because of his glowing red nose. Since Santa runs one of the highest-performing and lowest-profiting businesses, he was not a simple client to work with.

I was able to pull some strings and get Mr. and Mrs. Claus their home equity loan. The moral of the story is that if I can refinance Santa’s workshop, your home will be a breeze!

If you are interested in refinancing this holiday season, contact me to discuss your options. Happy Holidays!


** Oh and I went from the naughty list to the good list. 🙂

Duane Springsteel     
Duane Springsteel