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New Mortgage Advice

Make it easy with a mortgage specialist

When to Seek Mortgage Advice

Ask yourself:

If you answered yes, then you could begin exploring your options right away. 

Purchasing a home is an exciting time, but as a big commitment it can be stressful. Not only for first-time home buyers but for move-up buyers too. Your mortgage could be the single most important financial decision you will ever make. A lot of information about you and your finances is required to qualify you for a mortgage, so having an experienced mortgage professional to help guide you through can help simplify the process. 

Pre-approval can ease much of the stress of home buying. By talking to a mortgage broker early you can find out how much you qualify for at the start of your search.  Providing you professional mortgage advice that best suits you and your family is what I do best. I will work for you to get you qualified. 

What is the best mortgage option?

Whether you are an experienced buyer, or a first time homebuyer, choosing a mortgage that best suits your financial goals can be challenging. Your report may even contain derogatory items, but that does not necessarily prevent you from qualifying for a mortgage. There are many facets to consider when answering the question ‘should I buy now?’:  

… and the most important: what mortgage promotions can you take advantage of?

Take the stress out of the stress test. As a mortgage specialist I will provide you with expert advice to help navigate all your best options. 

fixed-rate mortgage

Currently the most popular mortgage type. A fixed rate means that your mortgage is an unchanging interest rate for the selected term regardless of market fluctuation. Opposed to other types, such as the ‘variable rate mortgage’, where the interest may change over the duration of your mortgage term.

Fixed-Rate mortgages provide peace-of-mind consistency with:

So, if you have a set budget and a desire for a predictable amount every payment, a fixed-rate mortgage will work well for you.

the Right Mortgage Type for You

Choosing the type of mortgage is only the first step. With the options of open, closed, and convertible fixed-rate mortgages you can select the term that provides the right level of security for you.

5-year fixed mortgages are the most common; not to be confused with the amortization period, which tends to be around 25 years. The term is the length of time the fixed interest rate is ‘locked-in’. After the term is up a new rate can be negotiated.

New Mortgage Promotions

Peace of Mind Cash Back

With Covid-19 mortgage clients are looking for comfort and peace of mind. Available for new clients on a standard fixed mortgage.

*Cannot be used toward down payment

Purchase + improvements

Have you ever walked into a house and love it, but needed some TLC or upgrading?

Get up to 10% of the home value for improvements you want done by rolling the costs of renovation into a purchase-plus-improvements mortgage. You can make a good house GREAT!

invest or flip for as little as $10,000 down

In this market there are great opportunities to buy a home to fix up and flip.

That’s right! For as little as 10k down.

Which means you can keep more of your capital to renovate and resell.

Mortgage advice made easy

Realize your dream of home ownership. I can explain all your options, recommend financing solutions, and get your mortgage approved at the lowest rate and most flexible terms.